The orchestra gave the Valencian premiere of the work in the Palau de les Arts, 12.05.2022


Antonio Gascó: Codalario

‘There is an anxiety in the first divisi of the work, with incisive seconds and tremolos, in the highest register of first and second violins, ending with a subtle atmosphere which seems to want to abandon the original modal atonalism. Ramón Tébar paid a lot of attention to the atmosphere and paradoxical spaces created by these sonorities. Tiresias’s prophecy, in a binary rhythm of determined and serious pizzicatos, evokes the fateful destiny of Narcissus. The meeting of the leading couple is intense, with divergent sound planes, sensitive dissonances and contrasts between the different planes of the register, something that seems to please the composer very much. The orchestra faithfully followed the baton, attentive to the constant meter changes. Especially idyllic, the dialogue between the cello Iván Balaguer and the guest concertmaster Massimo Spadano. One could speak of atonal romanticism. Eco’s death had an elegiac portrait, with the metaphor of the repetition of the antecedent sounds, in a combination of contrasting sonorities. A disturbing dark atmosphere, with pizzicatos of cellos and basses, linked the death of the nymph with that of the haughty seducer.’

Justo Romero: Levante-EMV, Beckmesser

‘The always welcome music of the Valencian composer Óscar Colomina’
‘The novelty, classic and contemporary, direct and always fresh of Echo and Narcissus
‘The inspiration, refinement and depth that distinguish Colomina’s creative universe’