The concert in the Reina Sofía Museum Auditorium will include ‘Rotten Wood and Damaged Iron’ and ‘Through the Wound’

The Trio Arbós, ensemble winner of the Spanish National Prize for Music in 2013, will perform Òscar’s ‘Rotten Wood and Damaged Iron’ and ‘Through the Wound’ in their upcoming concerts in Madrid and Badajoz. The pieces will be performed in the Auditorium 400 in the Reina Sofía Museum for Contemporary Art (Madrid) and in the Diputación de Badajoz (Badajoz).

The Linos Trio first commissioned Oscar in 2009 to write a book of nocturnes for piano trio –’Conversing  Memories of Worn-out Wood’- inspired by the work of various Spanish and Latin-American poets. Following ‘Crime’, the first piece of the collection (based on the poetry of V.A. Estellés), ‘Through the Wound’ is the second nocturne of the set (inspired by a poem written in 1941 by Miguel Hernández), and ‘Rotten Wood and Damaged Iron’ is the third and last piece of the collection.

‘Rotten Wood and Damaged Iron’

The nocturne is conceived as a short, fast, nightmarish scherzo to act as the middle movement between the other two, more reflective, nocturnes. The piece takes its title from a verse from Pablo Neruda’s poem ‘The Ghost of the Cargo Ship’. The writing of the piece builds composite sonorities as an extension of an original single line; formally, ‘Rotten Wood and Damaged Iron’ is akin to certain trios of the Romantic era, weaving the material as a scherzo with a double trio.

‘Through the Wound

The last Nocturne is based on a poem written in 1941 by Miguel Hernández.

‘Through the Wound’ is in essence monothematic, exploring various aspects of, and offering different perspectives on the material proposed at the opening, developing it organically. This process of continuous transformation takes the delicate, high pitched opening material, through a number of harmonic and textural variations, into a rather luminous and more defined middle section reminiscent of the soundworld of O. Messiaen. This crystallised version of the original material eventually fades away into the opening’s simplicity, this time duplicated in the two extremes of the register, bringing the ternary form to a close. 


·1st of February, 19:30hrs: Auditorio400 Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid.

·2nd of February, 19:30hrs: Diputación de Badajoz, Badajoz.

More info: HERE.

Full Concert Programme:

Michael Torke (1961)
Winter Trio, para violín, violonchelo y piano (2013)
Òscar Colomina (1977)
Dos nocturnos
Rotting Wood and Damaged Iron (2018)
Through the Wound ** (2009)
Lera Auerbach (1973)
Trío para violín, violonchelo y piano nº 1, op. 28 (1992-1994)
Mieczysław Weinberg (1919-1996)
Trío para violín, violonchelo y piano, op. 24 (1945)

** Spanish Premiere