Shpigl featured in the programme ‘Només hi faltes tu’ in Catalunya Música, the Classical music channel of the Catalan Broadcasting Corporation

On 25/04/2016, Catalunya Música, the classical music radio channel of the Catalan Broadcasting Corporation, aired a feature on Shpigl, Òscar’s new solo violin piece commissioned by the Menuhin Competition to be the set work for the Junior Finals.

The programme ‘Només hi faltes tu’, a daily afternoon/evening magazine with audience participation, presented and produced by Ester Pinart, devoted part of its air time to cover Òscar’s premiere. It featured audio of Menuhin Competition Junior Winner, YeSong Sophie Lee’s performance of Shpigl at the Junior Finals of the Menuhin Competition (watch the video of her performance  HERE).

The broadcast also covered Òscar’s upcoming activity in Catalonia this Summer, directing both the orchestral summer school of the Catalan chamber orchestra Camerata XXI, and his concert with this Catalan ensemble in the Pau Casals Festival (El Vendrell).

Òscar remains grateful to Ester Pinart, presenter at Catalunya Música of ‘Només hi faltes tu’ for her open support and kind interest.

Below, excerpt of the programme, featuring Òscar’s piece, Shpigl (Audio in Catalan):